Dr Georgiana Sarchiz

Associate Dentist

Dr Sarchiz (GDC 237256) qualified in 2017 from Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Farmacy, Timisoara, Romania.

“In dentistry I am guided by my ethos – tooth preservation. That is why my special interests and enhanced skills are Endodontics (Specialist Degree gained in 2013 in Romania) and Periodontics.”

My aim is to change patient’s perspective about root canal treatment by building up trust and providing comfortable and predictable treatment for further restorative work such as crowns and bridges.

My other interest is in helping patients that have loose teeth and are diagnosed with periodontal disease, by giving one last chance to any tooth. Performing a complete diagnosis of the periodontal support is essential. With the help of a Periodontal Pathogen Test, which is a real-time PCR ( currently the most up to date and reliable method ) that enables an accurate and specific determination of periodontal pathogenic germs.

Georgiana lives locally and is married with three lovely boys. In here spare time, she likes crafting with her children and baking.

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