What is Composite Bonding?

It is high quality filling material bonded onto your tooth surface. It can be used to close small spaces, repair minor damage and improve the appearance of your teeth.  We use BIOCLEAR as a minimally invasive high quality composite which can transform your smile with a very natural finish.

Alignment, Bleaching and Composite Bonding

ABC Approach

A popular choice is often ALIGNMENT first where we offer clear/removable braces to align the teeth.

After a period of around 6 months straighter teeth can be BLEACHED and finished with COMPOSITE bonding.

This can be small refinement to achieve greater symmetry or more significant changes.

If you are interested in Composite Bonding, please arrange a Complimentary Consultation.  These are all examples below of k3 composite results with our dentist Dr Mary John. A consultation with Mary will involve placing composite on your teeth to see whether you would like the appearance of your new smile.

Finance Available