Welcome back to all our patients!! What a very strange and worrying time  it has been and continues to be. In the words of our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson we will have a ” bumpy time” as Winter approaches, but rest assured we are trying our best to minimise the risks to everyone. We sincerely hope all our patients and their families are staying healthy and managing at this time.

We are back at work following the longest time we have ever been closed, like many other businesses and have made significant changes to our working practices. We have introduced new standard operating procedures to try and keep patients even safer and invested heavily in PPE and new air purifying systems.

We are really pleased to be back seeing our patients again and providing a much needed service. We have two new hygienists Jennifer and Kirsty  in place who are now working Monday to Thursday and some Fridays to help us catch up.

If you have any concerns or wish to delay treatment, please contact the practice.

Huge thank you to everyone for their support and understanding at this time.

Very best wishes

Drs Ollie Beukes, Ernst Schubert, Mary John and everyone from Team K3 Studio

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