For some patients, seeing the hygienist can be daunting experience. Our hygienists Jenn and Kirsty understand this. They are gentle but thorough and they enjoy helping patients to overcome their fears, and improve their oral hygiene.

Many people are apprehensive before they go in, but come out feeling happy and relieved after receiving pain free treatment that makes their mouth feel amazing! Kirsty says, “adjustments can be made for patients with sensitivity during treatment and if they would like local anaesthetic then this is also possible”.

Furthermore, “It is so important that patients have access to a dental hygienist, we can pick up signs of gum disease before it becomes irreversible, we teach people how to maintain their own oral hygiene at home, and for patients needing stain removal a scale and polish is essential”.

Our patients at K3 Dental Studio are entitled to two hygiene visits per year under our Practice Plan scheme, “This is enough for most patients, however those with periodontitis (gum disease), smokers or those with poor oral hygiene may wish to see us more often, this would be advised at your appointment”.

So don’t put off booking in with us. Let us know if you are nervous or have any concerns and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kirsty and Jennifer work closely with our dentist Georgiana in managing periodontally compromised patients.

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