Why did you want porcelain veneers? 

After several years of whitening my teeth using strips bought from the internet, my teeth were looking quite see-through and the strips started to have little effect. Not only this, but after stopping wearing my retainer after my teenage braces, my teeth weren’t as straight as I wanted them to be.

I knew veneers would make them ‘Hollywood’ white, correct the shape and straighten them without the time or discomfort like you get with braces.

Why did you choose K3 Cosmetic Dental Studio? 

I didn’t know a great deal about cosmetic dental work, but had seen some perfect examples of dental work done by K3. Not only this, but their client portfolio had a lot of the towns football players in, so knew they must be good!

How was the experience? 

It was so easy and not scary at all. I first met with Jill – Practice Manager. Jill was so friendly and listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve through my dental work.

I then met with Ernst who would carry out the work and he confirmed what we’d be done and he completed the prep. I didn’t feel a thing! I had a full dental block and was sent away with temporaries until my new ‘pearlers’ were made in the lab.

When they were ready (about 2 weeks later), I went in for the fit, which was so quick and painless! I even did a boot camp class afterwords!

Are they what you wanted? 

And more! When Helen the dental assistant passed me the mirror, I cried. They were perfect. Beautifully aligned, very white and exactly what I wanted to achieve. I couldn’t have been happier.

How has it affected your life? 

Firstly, I smiled so much more! I had and still do, get so many compliments on my smile. So all smile all the more.

I got married a few years after having them done and smiled on all of my photos! They are picture perfect. It was good not having to hide my teeth and beam with pure happiness.

Would you recommend porcelain veneers and K3 Cosmetic Dental Studio? 

100%! In fact, I regularly do! Lots of my friends have gone down the same route as I and have never looked back!

A lot of people think the prospect of having your teeth prepped is scary, painful and so permanent. Yes, it’s permanent, but it doesn’t hurt and K3 truly put your mind at rest throughout the process.

Also, having my dental procedure done in the UK is reassuring that if I ever needed something putting right, that they are there for me and not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ business.

It’s also meant that now I’m in a better position to continue my smile makeover, that I can have the same dentist complete the work with the same high standards.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend K3 Cosmetic Dental Studio, they gave me smile I always wanted!!! 



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