We are very lucky to have Joe O’Reilly on site once a week. Joe provides bespoke dentures and because he is involved at every stage from impressions to making them and fitting them it enables him to achieve exceptional results.

Sadly some people lose teeth so options are limited to dental implants, bridgework, dentures or no teeth. Not everyone can have implants or bridgework so dentures are a consideration. It may be that patients may want to consider a couple of dental implants to help secure a denture in place. Joe’s very specific knowledge and experience can help patients choose the right choice for them.

Joe offers a complimentary consultation so please come and have a chat with him about his treatments and services. Prices start from £700.

If you are struggling with dentures or ready for a new set please book a consultation with Joe. He is usually on site every Tuesday and works with our dental nurse Megan.

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