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Our Patient Carol: “I am absolutely delighted with the results, people always comment on how great I look. It has helped my confidence and career.”

I know what you all want to know when it comes to Botox – does it hurt? How long does it last? And there are general questions like – What do I do after? Can I wear makeup? What if it hasn’t worked? Can I go to work straight after?

Well hopefully this will help, my name is Helen Darlington and I am a fully qualified GDC registered dental nurse that works alongside Dr Schubert when he administers Botox and facial fillers to patients with fantastic results.

Put simply Botox is a toxin, when placed into the muscle causes a temporary paralysis for approximately 12 weeks. The reason this is used to improve lines and wrinkles is because every time we laugh, frown or squint the underlying facial muscles contract causing lines and wrinkles. The deepness of these vary from person to person, but the more emotion we show the deeper the lines and wrinkles are likely to become. By preventing the muscle from moving lines and wrinkles are reduced and can look improved.

There are many different muscles in the face that enables us to make different expression, some people do not want to be able to make any facial expressions at all.  This is sometimes referred as the ‘frozen look’ and having no facial movement can look a little unnatural hence why some people think Botox patients look weird. But actually there will be many people you know who have Botox but you are unaware as they will have some movement and just look amazing. Something as simple as allowing the eyebrows to raise can give a natural look but frowning and squinting is prevented so less frown lines are created and deepened. A consultation with us will enable you to achieve the desired result you are looking for. As for the pain, its no worse than plucking a rogue hair from your eyebrow, and for up to 3 months of a wrinkle free forehead, I feel is more than worth it.

Aftercare is also really straight forward, no sleeping on your face or on one side for the first night, no facials or facial massage for 2 weeks, and avoid wearing tight head wear for the first 6 hours. There may be slight redness immediately after treatment but this will settle after a few hours and makeup can be applied lightly to the area to conceal this, in some cases slight bruising may also occur so not to be alarmed, so no taking time off work, you can even have it done on your lunch hour.

The full effect of Botox can be seen after 7-10 days, but if you feel like some areas need a little bit more, please call the practice for a top up appointment can be arranged.

Once you have experienced the magic of Botox you will wonder what you ever did without it, I should know I have my appointments booked in advance.

We also offer facial fillers at the practice. If you would like to know more about this and botox please contact us on 01226 246155

Helen Darlington

GDC no 223815

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