When I was asked to write a blog of a day in the life of a hygienist I have to admit I came out in a cold sweat…. Firstly because I’m dyslexic and didnt want it to look like I’ve written it with my nose and secondly,  how the heck do I make , as my tutor once said , gum gardening,  interesting? 

I mean I know that I love all things dentistry but I’m a self proclaimed dental geek and proud of it.

I then decided there must me at least 1 person out there that is as interested as I am,  so I began to write.

My day starts when I arrive at surgery, I go into my room which is always ready and set up to go ( I have the best team). I then look through my list and patients I am to see that day.

As a hygienist my notes are my best freind. They enable me to see if my pateint has any special requirements… do they need the chair in a certain postion , do they perfer hand scales, are they nervous? This all helps me able to cater my care to the patient and make the appointment as pleasant possible. 

We then get into the thick of it , alot of my job is education and making sure my pateint knows the best way to take care of their oral health at home. Yes of course I clean ( give them a complimentry small shower in the process ) and help remove what they cannot , but the true key to success is at home care , partnered with regular visits to us. We become a team and together deliver them the best smile possible.

I get great joy in making someone comfortable in a environment , where let’s face , most people aren’t. If you leave with a smile and say see you soon , then I know my job is done.

My favourite part is getting to know my pateints. Which is a great bonus of the pratice plan here as I get to see patients twice a year , or more frequently if their oral health dictates it. 

It really is great seeing someone come through the door and being able able to catch up with their life ( I will always ask to see dog and baby pictures , please have them ready ) as well as their oral health and helping them to have the best , healthiest, smile possible.

I think one of the best parts of my job role is that I get to work with every member of the  team in order to deliver the best care for our pateints. I get to work alongside  nurses , dentists, management, reception and  lab technicians alike. 

It is truly wonderful to be a part of a well oiled  ,very busy, machine. Even though we are busy the team always makes it a caring happy and friendly place to be. 

At the end of the day , the chair goes up and lights go down. I make sure that all impressions have gone where they need to be all referals / queries/ instruments have been sorted and then I hang up my scaler for the day.

Well I hope I explained a day in the life of this hygienist, without inducing too much boredom. Remember to come and see your clinician regularly so we can help you have the best smile possible. Hope to see you in the dental chair soon!

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